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Woody Hutsell is an amateur blogger interested in the market for application acceleration and solid state storage.  In his spare time he enjoys traveling with his family and playing all sorts of games.

Woody’s involvement in application acceleration started in 2000 when he joined Texas Memory Systems (TMS), a revenue funded pioneer of solid state disks.  As a director of marketing, executive vice president of sales and marketing and eventually president and a board member of the firm, Woody established TMS’ sales and marketing function, developed an international resale channel and established strategic relationships within the industry.

During the nearly ten years, Woody led the solid state storage business at Texas Memory Systems the business unit grew revenue every year and went from being nearly 0% of company revenue to being over 90% of company revenue. When he left TMS in 2010 the firm had grown revenue 750% and established itself as the market leader with installations in 7 stock exchanges, several of the world’s largest telecom operators, countless premier e-commerce customers, and many application performance sensitive agencies within the U.S. Federal Government. This organic growth was achieved without the need for venture capital funding or acquisitions.

Woody joined ViON Corporation as their Application Acceleration Practice Director where he helped customers understand and then solve thorny application performance and data center technology issues.  After one year working at ViON, Woody joined Fusion-io to have a more direct impact on the development of solid state storage for the enterprise market.  18 months later, Woody left Fusion-io to rejoin his old Texas Memory Systems team now working for IBM’s FlashSystem division following IBM’s acquisition of TMS.

With over a decade working with Oracle, SQL Server, and other communities that develop and manage enterprise applications Woody has developed a deep understanding of the computing challenges associated with high frequency trading, e-commerce databases, data warehousing, pre-paid telecom, and high performance computing (HPC).  His expertise has enabled him to write numerous white papers, to speak at industry events and to work closely with the industry analysts and journalists.

Woody is interested in helping businesses solve their application performance issues as well as speaking and writing opportunities. He can be contacted at whutsell@gmail.com and via LinkedIn.

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